Péter Simon
Head of the Department, Professor

Research keywords: Network processes · epidemic spread on networks · control of network processes · reaction-diffusion equations · travelling waves · bifurcations for semilinear elliptic equations

András Bátkai
Associate Professor

Research keywords: Operator theory · functional analysis · operator semigroups and applications · operator matrices · delay differential equations

Ágnes Berzlánovichné Bodó
Research Assistant

Research keywords: Differential equations · network processes · epidemic spreading models

Ádám Besenyei
Deputy Head of the Department, Associate Professor

Research keywords: Differential equations and applications · elementary topics in analysis · history of mathematics · expository mathematics

Petra Csomós
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Numerical analysis · numerical methods for differential equations · operator splitting procedures · exponential integrators · Magnus integrators · operator semigroups in numerical analysis

István Faragó

Research keywords: Theory of numerical analysis · numerical methods of differential equations · operator splitting and its applications · mathematical modelling in biology and air pollution · Richardson extarpolation and its applications

Imre Fekete
Research Associate

Research keywords: Theory of numerical analysis · Runge-Kutta, SSP and linear multistep methods · operator splitting procedures · numerical methods for biological models

Ágnes Havasi
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Modelling of atmospheric processes · numerical methods for differential equations · operator splitting and its applications · Richardson extrapolation and its applications

Ferenc Izsák
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Reaction-diffusion equations · modeling of pattern formation · error analysis for Galerkin methods · discontinuous Galerkin methods · analysis and numerics for space-fractional diffusion problems

János Karátson

Research keywords: Numerical solution of linear and nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations · preconditioned iterative methods · numerical functional analysis · qualitative properties (discrete maximum principle) for elliptic and parabolic problems.

Ágnes Kovács
Teaching Assistant

Research keywords: Application of analysis and mathematical statistics in biology · competing risks Weibull model in reliability theory

Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács
Research Associate

Research keywords: Graph limits · processes on networks · disease propagation on networks · operator semigroups · ergodic theory

István Mezei (1946-2017)
Assistant Professor (Emeritus)

He was a faculty member at our Deparment for more than 40 years and generations learned and loved mathematics because of him. He was a wonderful teacher, colleague and human being. Due to his outstanding teaching activity he was awareded the prestigious Prof. Rátz Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Noémi Nagy
Teaching Assistant

Research keywords: Network processes · epidemic propagation · differential equations

Tamás Pfeil
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Applications of analysis in biology · teaching of analysis

Zoltán Sebestyén
Professor Emeritus

Research keywords: Functional analysis · operator theory · C*-algebras · unbounded operators · operator valued moment problems

Eszter Sikolya
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Operator semigroups · network processes · disease transmission on networks

László Simon
Professor Emeritus

Research keywords: Nonlinear elliptic functional differential equations · nonlinear parabolic functional differential equations

Zsigmond Tarcsay
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Functional analysis · operator theory · operator extensions · perturbation theory of selfadjoint operators · general Lebesgue decomposition theory

Éva Valkó
Teaching Assistant

Research keywords: Uncertainty analysis · sensitivity analysis

External Lecturers

Tibor Gruber
Tamás Matolcsi
Tamás Titkos