Péter Simon
Head of the Department, Professor

Research keywords: Network processes · epidemic spread on networks · neural networks · control of network processes · reaction-diffusion equations · travelling waves · bifurcations for semilinear elliptic equations

Ádám Besenyei (1982–2022)
Associate Professor

Research keywords: Differential equations and applications · elementary topics in analysis · history of mathematics · expository mathematics

Petra Csomós
Associate Professor

Research keywords: Numerical analysis · numerical methods for differential equations · operator splitting procedures · exponential integrators · Magnus integrators · operator semigroups in numerical analysis

István Faragó
Professor Emeritus

Research keywords: Theory of numerical analysis · numerical methods of differential equations · operator splitting and its applications · mathematical modelling in biology and air pollution · Richardson extarpolation and its applications

Imre Fekete
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Runge-Kutta methods · linear multistep methods · SSP methods · adaptive methods (controllers, digital filters) · neural differential equations

Ágnes Havasi
Associate Professor

Research keywords: Modelling of atmospheric processes · numerical methods for differential equations · operator splitting and its applications · Richardson extrapolation and its applications

Ferenc Izsák
Associate Professor

Research keywords: Reaction-diffusion equations · modeling of pattern formation · error analysis for Galerkin methods · discontinuous Galerkin methods · analysis and numerics for space-fractional diffusion problems

János Karátson

Research keywords: Numerical solution of linear and nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations · preconditioned iterative methods · numerical functional analysis · qualitative properties (discrete maximum principle) for elliptic and parabolic problems.

Ágnes Kovács

Research keywords: Application of analysis and mathematical statistics in biology · competing risks Weibull model in reliability theory

Gábor Maros
Teaching Assistant

Research keywords:

István Mezei (1946–2017)
Assistant Professor (Emeritus)

He was a faculty member at our Deparment for more than 40 years and generations learned and loved mathematics because of him. He was a wonderful teacher, colleague and human being. Due to his outstanding teaching activity he was awareded the prestigious Prof. Rátz Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Tamás Pfeil
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Analysis · differential equations and their applications in biology

Zoltán Sebestyén
Professor Emeritus

Research keywords: Functional analysis · operator theory · C*-algebras · unbounded operators · operator valued moment problems

Eszter Sikolya
Assistant Professor

Research keywords: Operator semigroups · network processes · stochastic PDE on networks

László Simon (1940–2021)
Professor Emeritus

Creator of the Hungarian partial differential equations school, the leading actor of teaching and research in this area, faculty member for more than 50 years. He was an extremely modest colleague of great scientific knowledge, who was respected and loved by everyone. His outstanding scientific career was recognized by the Eötvös Wreath in 2021.

Zsigmond Tarcsay
Associate Professor

Research keywords: Functional analysis · operator theory · operator extensions · perturbation theory of selfadjoint operators · general Lebesgue decomposition theory

Éva Valkó

Research keywords: Uncertainty analysis · sensitivity analysis

External Lecturers

Tibor Gruber
Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács
Noémi Nagy
Tamás Matolcsi
Tamás Titkos