Ágnes Bodó
PhD Topic: Modelling of epidemic processes on complex networks by differential equations

Office: 3.603
Email: bodoagi@cs.elte.hu
Homepage: http://boaradt.web.elte.hu/

Szilvia Császár
PhD Topic: Qualitative theory of differential equations

Office: 3.603
Email: csszilvi93@gmail.com
Homepage: -

Gábor Maros
PhD Topic: Fractional diffusion problems

Office: 3.604
Email: magabor42@gmail.com
Homepage: -

Márton Neogrády-Kiss
PhD Topic: Computational neuroscience

Office: 3.707
Email: nkmarton@gmail.com
Homepage: -

Bálint Takács
PhD Topic: Numerical solution of epidemic and other biological models

Office: 3.620
Email: takacs.balint.mate@gmail.com
Homepage: http://web.cs.elte.hu/~takacsbm/